CCMI, Communication and Computer Management, Inc., From Solutions to Systems, From Systems to Networks

CCMI provides professional Business Intelligence system development services to its customers to help solve problems and answer important questions.  We work with our clients to define key performance indicators for evaluating their business.  CCMI develops focused solutions, providing our clients with insight into key business areas such as the customer, the operations environment and system security.  A Business Intelligence solution developed by CCMI provides the client with actionable analysis and predictive analytics.

As our introduction video, Cascading Illusion, symbolizes,
CCMI will use your data to show you previously unknown perspectives of your own business.  Feel free to explore this website to learn more about how CCMI can help your organization utilize a data driven and client centric approach to solving business problems.  If you have any questions about Business Intelligence  or would like to arrange a free consultation please visit our “Contact Us” page.