Best of Breed Tools

Best of Breed Tools

The gathering of data for analysis is an important part of the business intelligence system. CCMI utilizes two tools in its data management environment that it considers to be Best of Breeds. They are Splunk and Apache™ Hadoop®. At CCMI we prefer to use Hadoop for the collection of long term historical data, both structured and unstructured. We believe this is an effective utilization of the Hadoop tool. For more current information analysis we prefer to use Splunk. Our analysis efforts are though not limited to these two tools. We believe that a proper implementation also accesses data from online databases as well as external sources.

Splunk is a proprietary product that provides for real time data gathering and analysis. Splunk is a leading edge disruptive technology in the world of Business Intelligence systems. More information about Splunk can be found at

Apache™ Hadoop® is s an open-source software framework for storage and large-scale processing of data on clusters of inexpensive commodity hardware. More information about Apache™ Hadoop® can be found at:

Other Platforms Supported

While CCMI is concentrating on building BI systems using Splunk and Hadoop for data management, we understand that there are preexisting legacy environments with which we must integrate. CCMI has the knowledge and experience in developing system and integrating with data management systems from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, IBM DB2 and Teradata Database.